Queued in the culture indonesia

In Indonesia, the level of awareness of the environment or against each other is still very low. As well as that of the public facilities provided by the government, the new few months is certainly not feasible to make in public facilities that can support the needs of the community.Not to mention the lack of awareness people to respect the rights of others, such as queuing. Sometimes people like to grab one wishes queued without thinking of the feelings of others first.Events such as this is not strange things in our daily life, such as when we are at the counter payment of electricity, water or sometimes in the supermarket checkout. They do sometimes feel that what they do is correct. Actual events such as before because what?

If they have a sense of mutual respect the rights of another incident like that will not happen.Whether the education we do not officially teach something then it does not become part of our customs? At least the parents should also be able to give examples of cultural queuing to their children first. Because the parents remain the best teacher for their daughter, son. For me culture is not merely a queuing ethics and lifestyle, but we do appreciate the people around us.
So start from ourselves and each case is the queuing, but you have to try to steal, you can expect at each other reminded. What you want others to do for you, do it before for other people.

As described daily The Jakarta Post, sociologist Ery Seda said the campaign will be effective if the leaders in the community to provide a consistent example of the discipline of the queue. But she warns that it would take some time. But he cautions that they will take a long time.

"The habit of standing in line is a new culture here, we must admit it is a Western cultural value".Habit of standing in line is a new culture here, we must recognize is that the value of Western culture. We need a long period of time before they can be assured that it beneficial for them. "We need a long period of time before they can be sure that it is beneficial for them."

Indonesian society is in transition, evolving into a modern society from a traditional one, she said. Indonesian society in transition, developed into a modern society from the traditional one, he said.

"In the long run, the queue to discipline should be imbibed in people even starting in childhood," she said. "In the long run, the queue discipline to be imbibed in the children even start". he said

Other Asian countries feel the same. But for them, like the Japanese, Queuing is not a problem because they have a concept of time. But to them, such as Japan, the queue is not a problem because they have the concept of time. As a final thought, I believe every nation should learn to adopt this habit. I think it promotes justice, and teaches us how to be patient.

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