Women and Fitness

A healthy way of life adapted and is important for the durability and longevity. The women must always be in shape and stay healthy, it is likely that disease than men. Living a healthy life is not only a healthy diet and maintaining ideal weight. There are many aspects of life that women need for good physical and mental health. These aspects are the following:

  • The appearance
  • The feeling
  • Self-psychological

These include the physical appearance is the main concern of most women, because it is their appearance and for most women feel comfortable and beautiful out.


Stay healthy and physically at any age is only open to the power supply by the type of food, for the maintenance of body weight and regular fitness. The risk of cancer be prevented if a healthy diet and good exercise routine. Besides the threat of cancer, diseases of the heart are also the risks are minimized. To stay healthy and in shape, the women still have the following.

  1. The regular visits to their gynecologist. Annual needs when they 18 years old and each year a Pap test. Pap test is a screening for early detection.
  2. Women must also have a mammogram to ensure the health of their breasts.
  3. Take calcium. You can prevent almost all of premenstrual symptoms and osteoporosis after menopause. Calcium also strengthens the teeth, so that you have a smile.
  4. Always taking folic acid to birth defects, particularly if the woman is pregnant. Pregnant women should live healthy, because they are always in danger. Not only a threat to their lives but the lives of babies, too.
  5. Take vitamin E per day by the immune system and the cardiovascular system. This can also improve the skin and bring every day. Women, the daily vitamin E is always bright life.
  6. Prevention and reduction of stress. Possible, leave the stress of work or to overcome their personal problems and never fall into depression.
  7. For the visit to the dentist for healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. The optimal oral health is always maintained. You do not want the development of halitosis.
  8. The daily minimum of 20 minutes. On foot and in your daily routine. Go instead of the use of the cars, if they in a short time, where you go.
  9. Drink several glasses of water per day for rehydrieren skin and remove impurities. More than whether the glasses are hot to the moisture lost through sweating.
  10. Follow a healthy diet and adhere strictly to the life within it.
  11. Sleep well every night.