The period of most happy woman in the age of 28 years (Part 1)

The researchers have found that women feel very confident and happy with life and love of their body not long before they reach the age of 30 years.

Age is also a period in their life where they enjoy the best sex relationship - but happiness is relatively long. Because at the time they were aged 30 years they start worry about the increased growth of gray hair and old age also wrinkling.

A spokesperson for the brand of hair dye Clairol Perfect 10, which conducts research on women, 4000, said: "Everything in life at a peak point, and almost reached the age of 30 years you are not bad at this time.

"Age 28 has been defined as the time in the life of women where their hair is in the best, of their bodies are at peak, and confidence are high-high.

"Employment is a secure, fixed income, have a relationship of friendship, love and help create a strong point perfect in all of our lives when it comes.

"Reaching and passing the age of twenties no longer triggered the decline of the appearance and your self-confidence. A little time to be busy taking care of themselves, and beauty products can help you feel young and still have the appearance of
answer. "

Survey of women aged 25-65 years has been noted that age where women feel most satisfied in the 12 key areas in their lives.


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