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A handbag is a need for a woman like me. To support equipment, but before you buy a bag there is a lot to our attention, let us discuss below:

handbag is a complementary appearance of each person. Before you decide to buy a bag, you should refer to the following steps to comply with its function.

Long strap bag. Choose a short-strap bag is not too thin or small because of the heavy load the bag will make a lot of trouble. Whatever the model you want, avoid long-strap bag that is not biased. Load the bag on one side of the body will pull the shoulders forward in order to position the bag in place. Made of chain strap is not recommended because it can injure the skin.

Heavy Bag, When you are shopping bag, do not choose a bag that was too big and heavy, will cause the symptoms of neck muscle tension, headache, and even can injure the spine. Bag weight limit is 10 per cent of the users body weight.

Bag size. When you come to the store choose a bag that fit the size. Despite being a discount store bag sale. Do not you too lulled by such writing. Adjust the size of the bag as needed. Do not be too large or too small. Find the bag with extra pockets inside that function to place each item in place. Therefore you do not need to unpack the entire contents of the bag only to find his wallet or mobile phone.

Bag Material. Handbag designer may ensure the quality, but prices tend to be expensive. Choose a bag of locally made standard price with good quality. Should choose a soft material, strong, and not stiff leather or nylon.

Try Before You Buy. Before shopping bag, try the bag in three positions. First, put the strap on the curve of the elbow. Second, carrying strap bag with your palms. We strap on the shoulder, make sure the bag body parallel to the navel or waist (center of gravity of the body).

Finally, put the strap over the shoulder, while the body of the bag sandwiched between the arms. For a small, upper body parallel to the line bag chest. So is the time to buy handmade, you should try it first. Have a hunting.



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