Supermom ... Can you?!

To be a Supermom there are some things you need are physically healthy, being flexible, realistic, believe in yourself, always think positive and be able to recognize things that make happy or not to make happy.

There are some smart tips that women can do to be Supermom. The first is to act as a good mother to child. Encourage child to talk during work break. Encourage children to tell about experiences in school, not just a job and just punishment. Listen kids, do not domination conversation. The story of what you experience. Find information about effective parenting.

In order to maintain intimacy with my husband. Prepare the time to be talking to him: on the way, before bed. Give kisses and hugs every day, creating a variety of creative ways of making out, set the schedule alone without children, and keep. More often share likes, not just sharing grief / trouble. Occasional wear sexy underwear for my beloved husband. Fixed look neat and pretty in front of the husband, though only at home (do not forget, my husband also needs to look neat in front of the wife).

In order to remain able to maintain friendships. Fixed contact old friends and new friends, join a social gathering groups / courses / other communities, set at least 1 friend a week to be contacted, once in a while to go with them without families. Sometimes their families are also involved with our family, join friend finder site and come when there is a reunion.

In order to remain happy with yourself. Eat healthy foods, not from diet. Cook more, optimizing delivery restaurant facilities, do things together, listen to the radio in the car / HP, in order to stay updated with the latest information. Occasionally treat yourself (to the salon, spa) and set up time to sleep wherever you can. Use technology as much as possible and do exercise as well as other functions.

To maintain optimum working environment. Delegate your tasks. At home, you can delegate work to assistants, drivers, baby sitter, laundry & dry cleaning center, delivery restaurant. At work you can delegate your work to: subordinates, peers, clients, superiors. Select the task, if possible, set the work schedule and keep. Try doing things together in the works.

Some things you should avoid to be a Supermom include isolating oneself, trying to make everything perfect, complaining to others as if you are only experiencing problems, dependent on drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Blame yourself / someone else for your stress, sacrificing the time to do fun, just because they have to perform other tasks. Persistent and prestige for help. Actually for help is a dependency. Interested to be a super mom? Please try the steps above and prove the truth.



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