Beautiful Sharing

God's fortunes may be through our hands but not stop until here. Or not to be stored to enrich themselves, that fortune should we go to people who need them.

As the Messenger of Allah sent down to us.

1.Always love the poor.
As word of the Prophet, "Whoever eliminates one of the world cares a Muslim, Allah will remove from him the distress of the Day of Resurrection. And those who facilitate trouble heavily indebted person, Allah will facilitate for him the world and the hereafter" (Muslim).
As demonstrated in the Companions of the Prophet.

2.Always seen a lower position in the world of material things.
"Look at the people who are under you and do not see the person who is above you, because it is more appropriate so that you do not underestimate the bounty of Allah who has given you." (Historical Muttafaqun ‘alaihi).

This is only part of the will of Allah .. It's beautiful if we begin today for the people around us.
Hopefully we can complement each other with a fellow creature of God ... Amin ...