How can you stop global warming?

How to Stop Global Warming: This is a highly debated issue. The way it was explained to me by my professor of Geology, the earth has a way of cooling herself. The earth also goes through natural warming and cooling processes. Humans have a tendency to interpret things wrong sometimes and it is possible global warming is just a scare tactic.
Here is some evidence you can research on your own; any time a volcano goes off, the earth cools slightly for the next few months to a year (depending on the amount of ash spewn into the atmosphere). Take Mt. St. Helens for example, the weather all over the west has never been the same since the first eruption in 1980. Also, another major volcano somewhere in the Philipenes which went off in the past 3 years has cause the earths temperatures to fluxuate. Consider this: Yellowstone is a super volcano. Should it go off (it is overdue according to some scientists), the earth will experience a volcanic winter which is much like the ice age. Nothing will grow and the entire earth will be effected (not to mention the eruption could kill much of the USA population).
Jerry Spiropoulos
GFDL-SELF 2005hoax or truth? Is global warming a threat to our world today?or is a means for the coming gain the favor of the people.people being those governing the united states of america.
are we govered by the people and for the people,or by a few looking for a new means of getting rich?No doubt global warming has filled the pockets of manyand emptied the pockets of others.It is known as the war of the rich and the poor.There are many ways to get rich.Make a new productor destroy the competitor.and put fear in the hearts of men to go your way, sayingthe air is killing you so you buy filters and machines to purify the air.We are not talking about the little guys but national products,namely oil, gas, electricity and water.
Global warming affects all these products, not jus air, worldwide.The truth is global warming means money, big money.Right now, just a ticket, today to win an election.Not just in the USA but all over the world.Changing gears here, ice polar caps melt, rivers rise, temperatures change.These have been taking place since the beginning of timeand will continue to do so, forevermore.
I can prove to you, without a doubt, that global warming is a hoax,or I can prove to you that global warming is real and a threat.It depends on how I want you to believe and knowwhere I am coming from. These are called theories.There is only one truth, and that stands on facts.Facts tell the truth and not stories about peopletrying to gain the lime light.
So to be true to you the fairest way, is to have a juryand you decide what you believe.We need a jury of the mind, of the heart, of the soul,and spirit that is yours,God given, to all mankind.To the jury of the heart, first I would state this truth.My God, there is only one true God,he tells me that heat travels to the colder objectand never, never in reverse. This is a law set down by our creator.A law that can never be broken. For all of God's laws stand fast.Only people break laws and make up new ones. They do not stand fast.
For example,we wear hats on our head to hold the heat in our bodies,or the heat leaves through our head and goes to the colder air,and we get cold.Fact: heat travels up to consume that which is cold.
A piece of pipewhich is the simplest example but a fact of truth.You heat one end and the heat will travel to the colder end..Global warming says heat stays put. This is false and not truth.There are many other examples. Our bodies get cold and everything else,because the heat leaves to the colder object.I am not a scientist or a scholar, but my heart tells meGod made things this way.Do you believe the God, creator of all earth, heaven and the seas,would create something that man can destroy? As a juror of the mind,think about this. The sun appears each day.Without it's presence the world would freeze.Global warming says the dirty air of man is causingthe heat of the earth, given to her by the sun to lingerbehind and raise the temperature from one to three degrees each year.As a juror of the mind, God has given me common sense,and that is my brains. How does the earth which isabout 75% water and very,very cold the deeper you gowhich absorbs heat tells me when I enter the water or anything else,heat leaves that object and gives up itself to the water.
Fact:heat travels to the colder object and never in reverse.It is not the cold water that makes me cold,but the heat leaving my body, which I received, from the sun the day before.It is a known fact, that outer space is absolute 0 cold.You need but one clear day,when the stars are visiblethat the heat will rise into space and the earth gets cold.If it were not for the sun coming up the next day, earth could freeze.
Fact:they say these gases which form a blank over the earth,prevents the heat from leaving,but when you take in proportion the size of the earth,and these little cities, like NYC, Chicago,Dallas, countries like Russia,China and many, many more, they are but needle points on the vastmass of earth. Remember, earth is only 1/3 of the size of the world,the other ¾ is water. How can this little mass of heatcause global warming?Remember heat does not stand still,it rises out into space. As a juror of the soul, I cannot believe,with all the atomic bombs, gasses from cars,heat from factories,and man's doings could outdo God's creation.God has set in place laws for heat, for cold, for waterand man cannot outdo the creator. Man cannot creat anything;only make things from what God has created.My soul tells me that man in his thoughts for gain has created a big lieabout global warming, to frighten people to their way of thinking,but we must stand fast with our heart, soul and mind and believe Himwho has created you and loves you. I could go on and on.There is so much fact that global warming is impossiblewhen things taken in proper proportion with laws of heat and cold.
My spirit witnesses to my spirit that he loves mea and shows me daily his love for me. He would never put me in a worldthat proves he made a mistake in the way he created the world.Use the common sense God gave you.The bottom line isglobal warming is for those of a cold heart, cold soul, cold mindand cold spirit and it is for those who are blind.I see spring coming and the heat of the sunbringing forth God's creation. People with a cold heartneed global warming,for if they knew their creator,there would be peace in their heart.

Ini sengaja aku kutip dari sini.Agar kita bisa saling mengingatkan..dan semua itu di mulai dari diri kita masing-masing.


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