Make a holiday for self-train children

Holiday season arrived .... Timing children saturation release. We as parents only lead "will be brought to Where the holidays this time." Holidays should not mean out of town, but began to give children the freedom to actively participate in determining vacation plans.

Although no longer term study that will be tested, but the process of learning about the life of running. Parents who wish to provide activities for children can use to educate children in the education-education about the practical day-to-day life that will be useful for their future.

Education that can be started with the building open discussions with the family on the activities that will be done during the holidays. Open discussions about the activities that will be with the children will practice a variety of attitudes and practical skills.

Children not only become the object and passive activities, but actively involved in making decisions related to himself. The initiative to open communication about what is desired, preferred, and necessary. The initiative also provides training for children to learn submits the proposals that make himself comfortable, and can be received by other people.

Open discussions about the plan can be a holiday event communication between children, families, and parents. Children learn express opinions, listening to arguments of others, and dig up the various alternatives that are discussed.

Planning activities can be a holiday event for children to make the planning. Children learn about the things that must be set for a holiday to run smoothly and fun. The greater the child, the more he can be involved and given responsibility. At a minimum, children are still learning to set up a small accommodation with himself, such as clothing, toiletries, and so forth. Children a greater can be trained to be responsible, such as booking tickets, accommodation set, set the schedule activities, and so forth.

Trips and activities together is a process for their internship experience life with the values of the family. Children learn through observation of the Father and Mother of attitude in handling things in the journey. Children also learn many of the responsibilities they accept.

The Holidays
Although planning has been done, there are often things that are not running smoothly. Often in daily life and the initiatives needed solutions to practical problems that arise. This is no social skills and decision-making that children learn through what they see in their parents.

In family vacation, children also learn to be responsible for themselves. Children learn to grow mature and can take himself, set the schedule, and find meeting point between the interests of private interests with the entourage, and the schedule-the schedule associated with external partners.

Documentation Holidays
Do not forget, the days of documentation your holiday. Outside pictures of activities that must be taken during the holidays, children get to collect a variety of tickets (eg train tickets, hotel tickets, tickets to visit the vehicle, etc.), match box or pedestal or glass wrapped chopsticks from the restaurant area. If necessary, when we went to the beach, take a little shell-shell small, sejumput sand, several pieces of dry leaves or even a beverage bottle cap / merknya new label that we see (the local brand). Prepare a special plastic & plastic-to various goods this. Goods memories can be made later this scrapbook (the book memory) after the holiday period ends, decorations to create memorable photo frame or even a study after the holidays -> for example, lessons about the marine ecosystem and so on, usually when we vacation to Bangka Belitung.

Wow ... apparently a lot of lessons that can appear from the process plan and a holiday. Children may not realize is that such a study. But at least parents can be aware of the plan and use the holiday as the process instil the values of life for the provision of children in the future.


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