Protecting Patient Rights

Some of today's television is only about certain cases Manohara and Prita , both women became headlines in newspapers and magazines. Prita discuss a far better, as it discusses the interests of our joint. Manohara cases while only profitable Manohara own.

Case containment Prita Mulyasari only complained about the service because of poor hospital shows how weak the protection of patients. Prita accident cases revealed in the media and become a big news. But how many "Prita-Prita" others who have similar fate, even worse?

They, the victims of that, do not have to know where to complain. At the same time, the hospital is very rare to have firm action because it provides services to patients. Therefore, momentum drama Prita this case should encourage the House of Representatives immediately complete discussion of Bill hospitals that have been handed the government a year to the Council.

Soon rising laws that set the institution hospital is necessary, at least for two reasons. First, the hospital business is an industry, not public service. Benefits of establishing a hospital to make the growth of the number of private hospitals this type of in the last 10 years to reach twice the government hospital.

Of course the number of hospitals is a positive development. But, without adequate legal device, difficult to supervise the quality of their services. Even government hospitals also need to obtain strict control because of many complaints that the public services assigned to the function start shifted profit.

The second, the relationship between the institution and the hospital patient is unique. Unlike the other services industry, relationships with the hospital patients are "not balanced". In this pattern of relationships, the patient due to the pain, many have no bargaining and the right to choose from. Critical situation, the need for immediate handling, and the limited understanding of medical institutions to make the hospital relatively "more powerful" on patients.

Indeed, we already have the Law No. 23 Year 1992 on Health, which is now being amended. But this law is more general, not specifically set the relationship between hospitals and patients.

We also have the Law No. 29/2004 on Medical Practice. However, the scale law is more narrow. In this law, the more regulated is the relationship between patient and doctor. Even many critics, the Law on Medical more to protect the doctors from the practice of doctors who claim a spirit rather than protect patients.

With the law that regulates the relationship between patients and hospitals, the pattern "not balanced relations" is more easily controlled. Control means not hamper the growth of the hospital, because the increase in the number of hospitals has helped expand the government health services. Control is applied to improve the quality of their services.

Supervision is needed to the hospital not the patient wishes to refuse a request to get detailed information about the disease, such as experienced Prita. Do not have more patients like Prita, the attitude should be the result of the manager are not the hospital.


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